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Invitation To Register On Umhlabuyalingana Local Municipality Database

Tender Notice: The Umhlabuyalingana Municipality hereby invites Proposals for the appointment of internal Auditors. Closing date is Friday the 30 September at 12:00pm View More...

Advertisement: The Municipal Manager of uMhlabuyalingana Local Municipality hereby invites suitable and qualified suppliers to do written formal quotations. Closing date is Friday the 17 September at 12:00pm View More...

Tender Notices

Intention to Award the Following Contracts: 02 July 2014

Intention to Appoint - 13 June 2014

UMHL43/2013/2014: Construction of Nyamazane sportsfield- The scope comprises of the construction of soccer Pitch, palisade fence, combo court, change rooms and ablution Block.

UMHL46/2013/2014: Sbhoweni Ntshongwe Electrification

Intention to Appoint - 24 April 2014

Adjustment Budget 2013/14

Provision Of Cleaning Services Umhl 38/2013/2014

Tabling Of The 2012/2013 Annual Report Incorporating The Auditor General S Report For The 2012/13 Financial Year

Financial Capacity Support: UMHL42/2013/2014

Call For Proposal For The Proposed Rural Housing Projects Tender No Umhl35/2013/2014

Umhl41/2013/2014: Hiring Of Grader, Roller And Watercart

UMHL39/2013/2014 - Costruction of Parking Shelters and Cashier’s office

UMHL25/2013/2014 - Construction of Mntanenkosi Gravel Road - Approximately 800m of gravel roads and relevant storm water and other associated infrastructure

UMHL28/2013/2014 - Construction of Qogwane Gravel Road - Approximately 1 km of gravel roads and relevant stormwater and other associated infrastructure

UMHL36/2013/2014 - Construction of Skhemelele and Mbazwana Public Toilets

UMHL40/2013/2014: Supply Of G5 & G7 Material

Proposal Number: Umhl37/2013/2014 Compilation Of A Grap Compliant Fixed Asset Register

Tender No: Hlomula Road Phase 2 UMHL 03/2013/2014

Tender No: Bhekabantu Sportfield UMHL 08/2013/2014

Intention to Award Contract - Internal Auditors for Three Years
Closing Date: 30-10-2013

December 2012 Notices
Closing Date: 11-01-2013

Supply and installation of PABX integrated telephone system: UMHL21/2012/2013
Closing Date: 15-11-2012



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